Kodiaks Hall of Fame

The student-athletes, coaches, teams, leaders and innovators who have contributed to the development of Kodiaks Athletics have left behind a legacy – a legacy that our Hall of Fame celebrates and preserves.

Established in 2017 through the generosity of the Kodiaks Athletic Association, the Kodiaks Hall of Fame seeks to honor those individuals and teams that have brought honour to the Kodiaks and Lethbridge College through outstanding athletic performance and achievement, through academic dedication and commitment, and through exemplary leadership and initiative. 

Hall of Fame Categories


Individuals shall be eligible for selection if they have met all of the following criteria:
a. Athletic Accomplishments
Individuals shall be eligible for selection if they participated as a student-athlete at Lethbridge College for a mininum of one (1) academic year and have:
        1) Been named a first team All-Canadian, or
        2) Won a CCAA national championship, or
        3) Won an ACAC championship, or
        4) Set a national or world record, or
        5) Participated in the Olympic Games or World Championships, or
        6) Participated on a national team, or
        7) Led the nation in a recognized statistical category, or
        8) Succeeded as a professional athlete
b. Academic Standing
To be eligible for selection, a former student-athlete must have remained in good academic standing from Lethbridge College. No other academic factors shall be considered during the selection process.
c. Eligibility Waiting Period
A former student-athlete shall be first eligible for selection five (5) full academic years after last representing Lethbridge College in competition.


Former coaches who have had outstanding success in a varsity sport at Lethbridge College shall be eligible for consideration. All criteria and qualifications are based upon the candidate's participation while serving at the college; however, accomplishments prior to or after leaving the college may also be considered.
Selection will be based on:
        a. Career record
        b. Championships won (national and conference)
        c. National Top 10 rankings
        d. Development of program
        e. National achievements (i.e. Coach of the year)
        f. Development of student-athletes (i.e. Olympians and/or World, Canadian or CCAA record setters; number of All-Canadians; number of national champions in individual sports)
        g. Length of distinguished service

     Eligibility Waiting Period
     A former coach shall be first eligible for selection five (5) full academic years after last representing Lethbridge College as a coach.


Persons who served as trainers, managers, administrators, community stakeholders, support staff, etc. and who have made a major contribution to the development and growth of Lethbridge College athletic program shall be eligible for induction in the Builder category.

     Eligibility Waiting Period
     A Builder shall be first eligible for selection three (3) full academic years after supporting Kodiaks Athletics.


a. Varsity Teams: All teams who have won a CCAA national championship will be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.

b. Relay Teams: Sub-individual teams and individuals of sub-Individual teams shall be eligible for selection if they have met all of the above criteria. 

Nomination Form 

Do you know of a former Kodiak athlete, coach, team or builder that deserves to be enshrined in the Kodiaks Hall of Fame? You can now nominate them through our online nomination form! 

We are now accepting nominations for the Class of 2019. Nominations  are due by June 30, 2019. 


Click here to submit a nomination.  


Class of 2017 

The inaugural class of 2017 honoured four outstanding athletes, three foundational coaches and five championship teams from throughout the college’s history. 


  • Sharon (Davies) Fogtmann - women’s badminton
  • Laurie Ann Hockridge – women’s basketball
  • Kip Kangogo – men’s cross country running
  • Sai Wong – men’s volleyball


  • John Jasiukiewicz – women’s basketball
  • Alvin Tietz – women’s soccer
  • Tim Tollestrup – men’s basketball


  • 1988-89 and 1989-90 women’s basketball
  • 1988-89 men’s basketball
  • 1993-94 women’s soccer
  • 2002-03 women’s cross country running
  • 2004-05 and 2005-06 men's cross country running

“I would like to thank Lethbridge College for this honour and wish to congratulate all the inductees,” says Sharon (Davies) Fogtmann, who won the CCAA women’s badminton championship in 1979. “I was very proud to represent Lethbridge College in the CCAA badminton championships in Montreal. The support of Lethbridge College was an integral part of my success in the sport and one of my fellow inductees, Tim Tollestrup, was a huge supporter of badminton during his tenure as athletic director.”

The Kodiaks Hall of Fame is an initiative of the Kodiak Athletic Association, a group of boosters committed to preserving and celebrating the college’s athletic history, while finding opportunities to support current and future Kodiaks student-athletes. Plaques of the inductees will be permanently placed on display in the mezzanine area of the Val Matteotti Gymnasium.

“We have such a rich history of Kodiaks athletics, dating back to our very first year as a college in 1957, and we want to celebrate that,” says Todd Caughlin, manager of Kodiaks Athletics. “We have earned 57 ACAC championships and 12 CCAA championships, so we will have no shortage of worthy nominees in the years to come, and we believe this first class represents a great start to what will become a tremendous Kodiaks tradition.”