Meet KODI, one of the funniest, friendliest and fuzziest mascots in the entire ACAC!

Over the years, KODI has delighted Kodiaks fans and kids of all ages with his wild dance moves and crazy antics. While his look has changed over the years, his spirit and Kodiaks pride has never waivered. 

He calls the Val Matteotti Gym his home, but you'll also see him out at community events such as the Whoop Up Days Parade. If you see KODI in action, be sure to give him a wave, a bear hug, and post any instagram or tweets with the hashtag #KODI. 

Kodi Fun Facts  

Education: Proud owner of two diplomas from Lethbridge College's Exercise Science program and Environmental Science - Conservation Enforcement program.

Favourite movie: Brother Bear

Least favourite movie: The Revenant 






KODI Photos - 2018/19