MBB | Kodiaks add Porter for 2018-19

MBB | Kodiaks add Porter for 2018-19

Oct. 1, 2018 – Kodiaks head men's basketball coach Ryan Heggie has gone south of the border to add additional offensive punch to his 2018-19 lineup.

Heggie is proud to introduce Orin Porter, a 6'2 shooting guard who has made the move north to don the Kodiaks blue this season. 

"He's a solid all-around player," says Heggie. "He can score in several areas and can defend well on-or-off the ball."

Porter comes to Lethbridge College after spending the past few seasons with Spokane Community College, a tenure that included an NWAC all-star game nomination.

"Coming from a very successful Spokane Community College program, he definitely understands what it takes to be team successful," says Heggie. 

Heggie has built a solid relationship with SCC coach Jeremy Groth, which helped influence Porter's decision to come north.  

"Coach Heggie and my former coach at Spokane have a good relationship, so they got me connected and I thought Lethbridge would be a great fit for me," says Porter. 

Canadian culture shock 

Moving to southern Alberta does not come without some degree of culture shock for the newest Kodiak. Porter grew up in Incline Village, Nevada, a town of just under 10,000 residents that lies on the shores of Lake Tahoe. 

When asked about the differences between living in the USA and Canada, Porter says there's a few big things that will take time to adjust to.

"The main difference is the currency for sure. Your dollar goes so much further here," laughs Porter. "The driving speed difference too, just getting used to kilometres. That's going to take me a while."

"But other than that, not too much is different. The people are a lot nicer here." 

On the court, Porter has already noticed one main difference between how the game is played up north.

"It's the speed. Training camp has definitely been an eyeopener just because the game is a lot different coming from the States," explains Porter. "It's way quicker in Canada since the shot clock is shorter, so that has definitely taken a toll on my body so far. But other than that the game is about the same."

When asked to describe himself as a player, Porter modestly explains that he's here to work hard and do whatever he can to help the team win. 

"I'm a hard worker and definitely a team player. I just love the game of basketball."

Heggie adds that Porter has good length and anticipation for press steals, and also rebounds the ball extremely well.

Academically, Porter has enrolled in upgrading courses to start the season but looks forward to enrolling in the college's Computer Information Technology program in the future. 

With the season set to begin in a couple of weeks, Porter says he's already liking the fit with his new club.

"I'm enjoying the team and I like the guys. Everyone's been really nice to me and helping me fit in here. I'm ready to get the year started."