Lethbridge Campus Media

The Kodiaks work closely with Lethbridge Campus Media and students from Lethbridge College's School of Media and Design throughout the season.

As part of their curriculum, Digital Communications and Media (DCM) students produce a full broadcast of several Kodiaks Volleyball and Basketball games throughout the school year. This includes gaining hands-on experience handling all aspects of a full television broadcast, including announcing, production and camera operation.

Students have their work showcased through the ACAC's official webcasting system ACACTV. In addition, they produce every game when the Kodiaks host ACAC championship tournaments.

The Kodiaks work closely with DCM students to provide them with access to athletes and administrative staff for articles and reports that are published as part of Lethbridge Campus Media. This includes articles and opinion pieces in the Endeavour, the official student-run campus newspaper, as well as on the radio with CRLC The Kodiak and on the air with eNews. Operated by DCM students, CRLC The Kodiak streams on the internet at the Lethbridge Campus Media webpage and broadcasts on a closed circuit on-campus, while eNews is a newscast which focuses on events happening on and around campus.

Overall, the connection between the academic program and our athletics program gives students invaluable hands-on experience to prepare them for working in industry.

Do you have ambitions of becoming a sports broadcaster or journalist? Check out Lethbridge College's Digital Communications and Media program and begin your journey.