The KODI Awards

Established in 2015, the KODI’s are not your average athletics awards night. Our ESPYS style production celebrates the accomplishments of our athletic teams in a fun, high energy awards show format.

The KODI’s are totally interactive too. Kodiaks fans get to vote for their favourite plays and top moments of the season, with the winners announced at the awards show. Each team also announces its Pillar Award, Outstanding Player and Newcomer of the Year award winners.

The 2018 KODI awards are set to take place on Thursday, April 12. Admission is free, with the Kodiaks encouraging attendees to bring a non-perishable food item for donation to the LCSA food bank.

Vote now for the 2018 KODI Awards by visiting this page. 







2017 KODI Award Winners

KODI's major awards

  • Tim Tollestrup Leadership/Athlete of the Year (Male) – Chris Maughan (men’s basketball)
  • Tim Tollestrup Leadership/Athlete of the Year (Female) – Sunder West (women’s basketball)
  • Outstanding team - Women’s basketball
  • Kodiaks coach of the year – Brad Karren (women’s basketball)
  • Best championships performance – Women’s basketball at CCAA championships
  • Best upset - Men’s basketball in the ACAC semifinal vs. Medicine Hat at Medicine Hat
  • Best comeback – Women’s volleyball earning the program’s first-ever win over Red Deer

KODI's special awards

  • Alvin Tietz/Knud Petersen Award for women’s soccer – Brittany Klein and Kaylin Snodgrass
  • Alvin Tietz/Knud Petersen Award for men’s soccer – Andrew Southern and Keaton Craig
  • Gerry and Brian Stewart Memorial Award for cross-country – Emily Spencer and Boaz Korir
  • Fire Safety Award for cross-country and indoor track – Kayla Enders and Dayton Jans
  • Alvin Tietz/Knud Petersen Award for volleyball – Laura Serafini and Dax Whitehead
  • John Jasiukiewicz Award for men’s basketball – Grady Taylor
  • John Jasiukiewicz Award for women’s basketball – Sunder West

KODI's pillar awards 

Men’s soccer

  • Pillar award: Logan Tataryn
  • Outstanding player: Andrew Southern
  • Newcomer: Kohl Wandyka

Women’s soccer

  • Pillar award: Kaylin Snodgrass
  • Outstanding player: Lyndee Saler
  • Newcomer: Madison Folk

Men’s futsal

  • Pillar award: Andrew Southern
  • Outstanding player: Keaton Craig
  • Newcomer: Camilo Cubides

Women’s futsal

  • Pillar award: Lyndee Saler
  • Outstanding player: Kaylin Snodgrass
  • Newcomer: Brooklin Bellavance


  • Pillar: Rachel McKenzie
  • Outstanding player: Boaz Korir
  • Newcomer: Emily Spencer

Indoor track 

  • Pillar: Dayton Jans
  • Outstanding player: Kayla Enders
  • Newcomer: John Krause

Men's volleyball 

  • Pillar: Matt Primrose
  • Outstanding player: Dax Whitehead
  • Newcomer: Tony Albizotti

Women's volleyball

  • Pillar: Kristine Ward
  • Outstanding player: Laura Serafini
  • Newcomer: Emmalee Cherweniuk

Men's basketball

  • Pillar: Grady Taylor
  • Outstanding player: Cory Richardson
  • Newcomer: Robert Myles III

Women's basketball

  • Pillar: Emma Lowry
  • Outstanding player: Logan Moncks
  • Newcomer:  Shayna Mathison