Cloud nine! Kodiaks MVB wins ninth straight

Cloud nine! Kodiaks MVB wins ninth straight

Nov. 9, 2018 - Returning to the site of the program's first ever playoff win last March, the Lethbridge College Kodiaks men's volleyball team looked right at home in the unfriendly confines of the Medicine Hat College Snake Pit. 

The nationally fifth ranked Kodiaks silenced a large and rowdy Rattlers crowd on Thursday night, defeating their Highway 3 rival in straight sets (25-21, 25-23, 25-18).

The win was Lethbridge's ninth straight to start the season, continuing to improve upon what is already a record start. 

The Kodiaks women were not so fortunate, unable to find any momentum in a straight sets loss (25-22, 25-13, 25-17). 

After winning their first game of the season, the team has stumbled to eight straight losses. 

The Rattlers and Kodiaks will be back in action on Saturday night in Lethbridge, with first serve going at 6 p.m. for the women's match. The men will follow at 8 p.m.


MVB - Kodiaks 3, Rattlers 0

Recap written by Medicine Hat College Sports Information  

Lethbridge made the short trip down the Number 3 highway to Medicine Hat to visit the Rattlers on a Thursday night. A large crowd greeted both teams as the Snake pit was loud and full. This was a battle of the division's two top teams battling for south supremacy. The Kodiaks came out early with some strong defensive play and were able to stun the Medicine Hat attack. This allowed them to open up a 12-8 lead early in the match. Although the early lead, the teams were very evenly matched, with the biggest differential coming on errors. With three attacking errors in a row from the Rattlers and a Kodiak ace, the Rattlers were forced to take a timeout now down by six. The timeout was needed but ultimately ineffective as the Kodiaks continued to control the set. A sudden energy was injected in the gym as the Rattlers were able to rattle off five straight before a questionable serve called out seemed to suck the air out of the Snake Pit once again. A last minute rally Brought the Rattlers back to a more reasonable score, but still dropped the first set 25-21.

The Kodiaks started the second set off with an opening quick two points. The Rattlers remained patient and were able to capitalize on a Lethbridge error to level the score. A long sloppy rally from both sides saw weakness' exposed. Both sides sought to capitalize on these potential scoring opportunities. Medicine Hat were able to battle back to hold the advantage of serve. As the evenly matched game slowly climbed up the scoreboard. A momentum call went in favor of Lethbridge and were able to swing the lead and serve back in their favor. Sensing this, Medicine Hat called a timeout so they could regroup before the lead was insurmountable. A huge solo block from Rattler Keandre Evans started the Rattlers resurgence in the set. The Kodiaks did not let the Rattler lead last as they rattled off 5 straight to retake the lead. Their attack running well through the middle, the Rattlers continued to push the ball outside and were continually frustrated. Although never letting the game get away, the Rattlers found themselves serving down 22-24 when Lethbridge took a timeout to freeze the server. Rattler Keandre Evans responded with an ace followed by an error to let the Kodiaks take a 25-23, 2 sets to 0 lead.

The third set early looked much like the first two. An evenly matched battle with the Kodiaks having the slight edge. Medicine Hat seemed to have every bounce fall against them. The Kodiaks continued to play quality volleyball lead by their setter Zach Wikenheiser who distributed the ball very effectively. This combined with errors from the Rattlers saw the Kodiaks edge closer to victory with a 18-14 lead. The Rattlers would not quit still fighting for every point. It was too much though as the Kodiaks Cruised to a straight sets victory winning the final set 25-18 securing a Kodiaks victory.

WVB - Kodiaks 0, Rattlers 3

Recap written by Medicine Hat College Sports Information  

A rare Thursday night game saw the Lethbridge Kodiaks in town to visit the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. An opening serve error by the Kodiaks, saw the Rattlers open up an early 2 point lead. This was quickly erased with two errors on the Medicine hat side of the net. As both sided traded side-outs the match climbed evenly up the scoreboard. A long rally won by the Rattlers seemed to energize the side. With Shaya Suchy leading the charge with some impressive digs and saves, the Rattlers opened up a 4 point lead 16-12 forcing the Kodiaks to take a timeout. This time out helped stem the momentum that the rattlers had and closed the gap. Just one point down 18-19 the Kodiaks momentum steal forced the Rattlers into a timeout of their own. Out of the timeout, Medicine Hat took a three-hit side-out to maintain a 2 point margin. The score stayed within two until a Mackenzie Griffith ace opened the lead to three and allowed the Rattlers to win 25-22.

The second set began with both sides digging up attacks and countering with dumps and tips. An early error allowed the Kodiaks to gain the early lead. Kodiak Setter Jamie Brown was almost perfect on her tips but the rest of her offence was not converting on good sets. The Rattlers defense came roaring back with 3 big blocks in a row and every other ball dug up. This allowed the Rattlers to take over the momentum and the early part of the game. Up by 4, 8-4, the Rattlers with all the momentum forced Lethbridge to burn a timeout early. The timeout was effective with the Kodiaks scoring three straight out of the break. The Rattlers seemed to use this as motivation as they came back with three straight of their own. This almost seemed to deflate the Kodiaks. The Rattlers Continued to attack with ferocity. With Shaya Suchy passing up every Kodiak attack, the Rattlers turned the game on its head opening up a 16-8 lead. The dominance of the second set continued with the Rattlers seeming to catch all the breaks with an impressive closeout of the second set taking it 25-13.

A Rattler kill followed by an ace opened up a quick lead in the Third set. Hoping to capitalize on the momentum from the second, the Rattlers continued to press hard with a fast attack. The Kodiaks seemed to adapt better and weathered the storm, climbing back into the set. Tied at 6 both teams looked to gain any advantage. the momentum seemed to swing back in the Rattlers favor on the back of a Brooke Christie attack, Medicine Hat opened up another 3 point lead. With this lead the Rattlers again pressed in order to gain an advantage. With a hugely effective attack being run off the right side Medicine Hat was able to open up a 20-13 lead. Continued errors on the Kodiak Side of the Net kept them from getting themselves back into the match. Any time they seemed to gain momentum, a missed serve or an error kept them from capitalizing. But feeling comfortable with their lead, the Rattlers seemed to relax and give the Kodiaks one last glimpse of hope before closing out the match 25-17 and 3 sets to 0.