BB Recap | Kodiaks ground Lightning

BB Recap | Kodiaks ground Lightning

Oct. 26, 2019 - Not to be overshadowed by recent championship performances in men's soccer and women's cross country, the Kodiaks basketball programs continued their strong starts to the season with a pair of home victories over the St. Mary's Lightning on Saturday.  

The women's team (2-1) picked up their second straight win by knocking off the previously undefeated Lightning 83-73, hitting eight three pointers in the process. 

The Kodiaks men's team overcame a slow start and improved to 3-0 on the young season by narrowly squeaking by a scrappy Lightning squad 88-84. The Kodiaks got down 7-0 early but clawed their way back, led by a 30 point performance from Orin Porter Jr. 

WBB - Oct. 26 | St. Mary's University Lightning 73 at Lethbridge College Kodiaks 83

Recap written by Kodiaks Gameday Staff 

The Kodiaks opened their second home game of the season looking to steal a big win from the undefeated St. Mary's Lightning.

Kirsten Barwegen put the Kodiaks on the scoreboard early with a stand-out offensive performance, but the Lightning were ready for them, matching point-for-point. Ultimately the Kodiaks were able to hold onto the lead for a score of 16-14 to close out the first quarter.

The second quarter saw the Kodiaks picking up steam and pulling ahead early with a series of points from Denajha Kie, an impressive addition to the Kodiaks team for the 2019-20 season. Mid-way through the quarter the Kodiaks forced a Lightning time-out after stealing the lead 30-14. The Lightning regrouped quickly to close the gap, but the Kodiaks held on to a 43-37 lead heading into the second half, aided by Karli McLachlan's leadership on the court with a series of 3-pointers.

A defensive battle led to a slow start to the third quarter, but the Lightning held steady pressure on the Kodiaks and came back within 2 points, forcing a Kodiaks time-out. First year Natalie Hoyt showed up for the Kodiaks offense, leading her team in points mid-way through the quarter and showing off her skill from the 3-point line. While the Lightning saw a shift in momentum guided by the offense of Emily Wagner and former Kodiak Madi Gladstone, the shit was not enough to overcome the Kodiaks, who held a 65-52 lead heading into the final quarter.

The first half of the fourth quarter moved slowly with a series of missed shots from both teams, but fouls on Lightning players Madi Gladstone and Juhee Anderson reignited the momentum for the Kodiaks. Denajha Kie continued to show her skill for the Kodiaks as she lit up the court offensively, but the Kodiaks nerves began to show in the final minutes of the game, allowing the Lightning to tighten the score once more. In a suspenseful end to the game, the Kodiaks claimed an 83-73 victory to give the Lightning their first loss of the season.  

With this victory the Kodiaks advance their record to 2-1, while STMU drops to 3-1. The Kodiaks return home Nov. 2 to take on the Ambrose Lions.  

Players of the Game:

St. Mary's University – #14 Emily Wagner

Lethbridge College – #12 Karli McLachlan


MBB - Oct. 26 | St. Mary's University Lightning 84 at Lethbridge College Kodiaks 88

Recap written by Kodiaks Gameday Staff 

The Kodiaks entered their second home game of the season looking to extend their win streak with a victory over the St. Mary's University Lightning, who entered the match with a 1-2 record.

The Lightning had a strong presence on the court in the first quarter, gaining an early 7-0 lead before the Kodiaks found their footing. Kodiaks Chris Thompson pushed the Kodiaks back into the game with a stellar offensive showing, but the Lightning continued to press the Kodiaks, keeping the score tight. A foul on Lightning's Nic Casagrande allowed the Kodiaks to narrowly pull ahead 21-19 heading into the second quarter.

The tightly matched competition continued into the second quarter as the Lightning pulled ahead to steal the lead, only to have the Kodiaks close the gap on a series of fouls. Trying to change the pace, the Kodiaks called a time-out with just under 2 minutes to go in the half, proving to be exactly what the Kodiaks needed to break the stalemate and gain a small lead of 41-34 to close out the first half.

The Lightning came out strong in the second half guided by the offense of Wil Konybai but the Kodiaks defence were ready for them with a notable presence from Brock Dewsberry. The Kodiaks extended their lead to 47-39 before the Lightning were able to regain momentum and tie the game once more midway through the quarter. A series of back-and-fourth fouls followed by a well timed 3-point shot from Orin Porter Jr. allowed the Kodiaks to head into the fourth quarter with a 64-60 lead.

Kodiaks went off early, but an early foul on Jackson Kasko allowed the Lightning to remain close. Chase Bohne held the Kodiaks in the game with a series of stand out shots, with support from Orin Porter Jr., who continued to demonstrate his abilities at the net and from behind the 3-point line. The Kodiaks were able to narrowly held onto their lead after a last minute time-out to take the game 88-84.

With this victory the Kodiaks advance their record to 3-0, while STMU drops to 1-3. The Kodiaks return home Nov. 2 to take on the Ambrose Lions. 

Players of the Game:

St. Mary's University – #3 Jordan Britton

Lethbridge College – #2 Orin Porter Jr.